Networking Research Links and Status of Standards

SIGCOMM, as a service to the networking community, lists web pages that maintain current networking research discussions and Standards web site pointers. The text of various OSI related standards is also available.

From here you can go to networking research web sites.  The Internet Traffic Archive and Henning Schulzrinne's Bibliograph of Networking Research sites are supported, in part, by grants from ACM SIGCOMM:

The Internet Traffic Archive
Henning Schulzrinne's Bibliography of Networking Research
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research

Standards related web servers can be found by following:

ISO: SIGCOMM maintained copies of CLNP-related standards 8473, 9542, and the OSI model 7498; the site includes many more public standards and made our copy obsolete.
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
International Federation for Information Processing, Technical Committee 6 on Networking
Federation on Computing in the United States (FOCUS)
IEEE Standards
The Internet Society (ISOC)
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
APPN Implementer's Workshop

ACM and the IEEE Computer Society jointly, through the Federation on Computing in the United States (FOCUS), represent the U.S. to the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). SIGCOMM provides support for the FOCUS representative to IFIP's Technical Committee on Communication Systems, TC6.

CCR is actively looking for a volunteer to track standards activities in various forums, particularly CCITT and IEEE. If you have any help to offer, please contact the SIGCOMM Information Services Director. Thanks!