Directions for conference Web chairs

SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences host Web content on Typically, ACM will provide a conference web chair with sftp-based access to the host. These instructions are intended to help Web chairs get accounts and get started.

Creating an Account

SIGCOMM-sponsored conference content is hosted on To get an account, use the acm account request form. Relevant information includes contact information for the information services director (elsewhere on this site; they believe I am springn), and your ACM member number and web account name. You'll want to be a member of group "sigcomm".

Sometimes, this account request process is unreliable. Please follow up with the information services director (do not use the infodir_sigcomm email address for urgent material) if you receive no response after a few days.

Content Location

The file system root of is /acminfo/2/sigs/sigcomm/conferences. In this directory are subdirectories for each conference, and within those directories, subdirectories for each year. Following this convention, you should be able to create a directory for your conference and place all necessary content there.

Each conference also has a listing under This description of the conference, with lists of steering committee members and instances, is updated separately. Please ask any member of the executive committee, or the information services director, to update the page as needed.

Front page advertisement

The site has a left-column for advertising sigcomm conference offerings. Images should be 128 pixels wide and likely less than 128 pixels high (for fairness). Although only SIGCOMM and CCR are listed here, other SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences are welcome to submit small logo material (also by email to the information-services director). This may be a task for the publicity chair.

Other questions?

Send the information services director mail or use the contact link at the bottom of this page.