SIGCOMM Planning: Site Proposal Instructions

ACM Sigcomm Site Proposal Information

ACM SIGCOMM is always soliciting site proposals.

Please provide information as per the preliminary outline below. For each conference year, from the set of submitted proposals, a subset of candidate sites will be selected, for which additional information will be gathered and from which the final selection will be made. Each round of decisions is based on a combination of factors, including the criteria listed below.

Site proposals should be at most 2 pages of ASCII text (a page is 66 lines, 80 columns; PDF documents of the same length are also acceptable).  Send proposals via email to the current ACM SIGCOMM Conference Coordinator with the header: "SIGCOMM site proposal - YEAR" (with the appropriate year in 4-digit format).

Site proposals should address the following issues:

Location preferences rotate between North America, Europe, and a location outside Europe and North America. For 2013, the preference is outside Europe and North America.

A complete proposal is generally made by the proposed conference general chair and includes a partial list of committee members. The PC chairs are NOT part of a proposal, as they are selected separately by the SIGCOMM Technical Steering Committee.

The Sigcomm Festival generally occurs mid August to early September, in the 3-week window before the first Monday in September.

A. Site city

NOTE: (for items 2-4) there is no need to provide financial details or a list of hotels. Please do NOT contact possible venues regarding availability or cost. The ACM negotiates those issues separately at SIGCOMM's request.

    1. The city should be located near a major international airport, within 1-2 hours of regular train service and/or 45 minutes of cab/shuttle service.

      A major international airport should have at least two airlines with regular international service to the 4 major continents of SIGCOMM attendees: Asia, Europe, North and South America.

    2. The city should have one or more venues for 400-600 attendees, including side-venues for 4 concurrent tutorials and/or workshops of 100. The venue should support a single center screen, with unobstructed views.

      NOTE: There is no a-priori preference to university, or convention center venues. Hotel venues often provide the most economical solution, and should be included if possible.

    3. The city should have hotels supporting 500-700 people (attendees and their guests) within easy access (less than 15 minutes time, preferably at most 1 bus/tram) to the possible venue.
    4. The city should have potential venues for a reception and banquet dinner. A sample list of possible venues with a 1-line description addressing logistics (time to get there, need for transportation) would be useful. Transportation to these events should be less than 30 minutes each way.

B. Conference General Chair & Exec. Committee

Name and affiliation of a widely-recognized member of the SIGCOMM community based in or very close to the proposed site city who is willing to serve as general chair; this may eventually require a statement of support from the chair's institution, and possibly administrative support.

The proposal may suggest 2 co-chairs, one of which must be local.

The names and affiliations of a few other candidates which the chair can enlist to serve on the committee, notably a local person as local arrangements chair, a publicity chair, treasurer, etc.

NOTE: the site proposal should not suggest program committee chairs; that is handled separately by the SIGCOMM Technical Steering Committee.

C. Date conflicts

The dates of SIGCOMM will be ultimately be selected by the SIGCOMM Executive Committee, based on the proposals received and feedback from surveys conducted at SIGCOMM.

For the proposal, consider the last three full weeks in August/Sept that precede the first Monday in September.

Please indicate which dates have major local conflicts, e.g., major local events, school openings, etc. that would interfere with either the proposed site or the proposed conference chair's participation.