SIGCOMM Award Recipients

The annual SIGCOMM Award, presented at the SIGCOMM Technical Conference, recognizes lifetime contribution to the field of communication networks.

The past recipients are:

2011: Vern Paxson,

for his seminal contributions to the fields of Internet measurement and Internet security, and for distinguished leadership and service to the Internet community.

2010: Radia Perlman,

for her fundamental contributions to the Internet routing and bridging protocols that we all use and take for granted every day.

2009:  Jon Crowcroft,

The award to Jon Crowcroft is for his pioneering contributions to multimedia and group communications, for his endless enthusiasm and energy, for all of the creative ideas he has so freely shared with so many in the networking community, and for always being outside the box.

2008: Don Towsley,

The award to Don Towsley is for his contributions to the modeling, analysis, and control of communication networks.
The slides for his keynote address are available.

2007: Sally Floyd,

The award to Sally Floyd is for her far-reaching contributions to Internet architecture and her work in identifying practical ways to control and stabilize Internet congestion.

2006: Domenico Ferrari,

The award to Domenico Ferrari is in recognition of fundamental contributions to Internet QoS architecture and wide-area network research testbeds, his leadership in managing the BSD Unix project, his leadership in founding and establishing ICSI as a premier international networking research institution, and his dedication to educate the next generation of leaders in networking research.

2005: Paul Mockapetris,

The award to Paul Mockapetris is in recognition of his foundational work in designing, developing and deploying the Domain Name System, and his sustained leadership in overall Internet architecture development.

2004: Simon Lam,

The award to Simon Lam is in recognition of his vision, breadth, and rigor in contributing to, among other areas: secure network communication, the analysis of network and multiaccess protocols, the analysis of queueing networks, and the design of mechanisms for quality of service. The slides for his keynote address are available, as is a picture of his award.

2003: David Cheriton,

For his contributions in data networking and systems, and for his keen talent for questioning the assumptions behind all our work. The slides for his keynote address may be found here.

2002: Scott Shenker,

The award to Scott Shenker is in recognition of his contributions to Internet design and architecture, to fostering research collaboration, and as a role model for commitment and intellectual rigor in networking research.

2001: Van Jacobson,

The award to Van Jacobson is for contributions to protocol architecture and congestion control.

A PDF version of Van's talk is available.

2000: Andre Danthine,

The award to Andre Danthine is for basic contributions to protocol design & modelling and for leadership in the development of computer networking in Europe.

1999: Peter Kirstein,

The award to Peter Kirstein is for "Contributions to the practical understanding of large-scale networks through the deployment of international testbeds". A copy of Dr. Kirstein's keynote address presentation slides is here.

1998: Dr. Larry Roberts,

The award to Dr. Roberts is for "Visionary Contributions and Advanced Technology Development of Computer Communication Networks".  A copy of Dr. Roberts keynote address presentation slides is here.

1997: Jon Postel and Louis Pouzin,

The award to Jonathan Postel is "For contributions to Internet development and standardization".   The award to Louis Pouzin is "For pioneering work on connectionless packet communication".  SIGCOMM mourns the death of Jon Postel, the Postel memorial site is sponsored by ISI.

1996: Vint Cerf,

Vinton Cerf's contributions to the Internet span more than 25 years, from development of the fundamental TCP/IP protocols to ambassador for today's worldwide Internet infrastructure.

1995: David J Farber,

for vision and breadth of contributions to and inspiration of others in computer networks, distributed computing, and network infrastructure development.

1994: Paul Green,

for lifetime achievement in the field of data communications, for his outstanding contributions to data communication theory, protocols, architectures, and technology.

1993: Robert Kahn,

for visionary technical contributions and leadership in the development of information systems technology.

1992: Sandy Fraser,

for pioneering concepts, such as virtual circuit switching, space-division packet switching, and window flow control.

1991: Hubert Zimmerman,

for 20 years of leadership in the development of computer networking and the advancement of international standardization.

1990: David D. Clark,

in recognition of his major contributions to internet protocol and architecture.

1990: Leonard Kleinrock,

in recognition of his seminal role in developing methods for analyzing packet network technology.

1989: Paul Baran,

in recognition of his early 1960s conception of packet switching as a foundation for an all-digital, computer-controlled, survivable nation-wide network.