Internet Traffic Archive

The Internet Traffic Archive is a moderated repository to support widespread access to traces of Internet network traffic, sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM.

The traces can be used to study network dynamics, usage characteristics, and growth patterns, as well as providing the grist for trace-driven simulations. The archive is also open to programs for reducing raw trace data to more manageable forms, for generating synthetic traces, and for analyzing traces.

Traces contributed to the archive have no restrictions as to what use may be made of them (except for traffic analysis as noted below). Traces may however have restrictions on redistribution. Check the Restrictions information associated with the trace.

Software contributed to the archive is in general copyrighted. Check the Restrictions information associated with the software for details.

Traces contributed to the archive often will have been filtered to some degree to preserve the privacy of the network users whose traffic was traced, and to address network security concerns. The Privacy information associated with the trace details these changes. Archive users agree to not perform traffic analysis aimed at circumventing the degree of privacy present in a trace.

The actual ITA data and software archives are here.